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How Does The Plant Warranty Work?

Our plant warrantee explanation and how Scenic Landscapes stands behind the plants they install.

Now the only thing in the warranty is it’s not covered if you over or under water and it’s very easy to tell, because I’ll come out here and I’ll lift up that perennial and if that root ball is not intact and this is four or five months down the road, then I know you over watered. Because a root ball will disintegrate when you over water a plant.

Obviously, most of our issues are over watering, not under watering. Under watering, the root ball will be intact and everything will be bone dry, so I just test the soil about three inches down; that’s how I decide that.

Now, if it indeed was our fault and it needs to be replaced, I come out there free of charge, I go back to the nursery, I get the same plant, or if you want a different plant we do that, plant that in, you’re good to go. Make sure the watering is on track and hopefully we won’t have any of those issues again.

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A Great Plant Waranty From An Exceptional Landscape Company