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What work will sub-contractors do?

Be sure you understand if your landscaper will be subcontracting any portion of your project to another landscape company.

Basically, I’m in charge, I’m the umbrella, so when you come to me you deal directly with me and I’m the fall guy.  I basically take responsibility for all the projects. Of the work that we do, I would say 90 percent is done by our team. We work hand in hand every single day so the nuances and stuff we have worked it out and we’re used to working together. Our skill sets are augmented in that way, so that’s a good team.

On the other hand, sub-contractors, I like to work with various contractors I’ve worked with for a number of years on irrigation or water features or lighting. So, I have three contractors I work with on that, all good, all do business the same way we do and all are coming at it from the standpoint of saving the customer money.

So, if there’s a problem, the client comes to me, I in turn go to the sub-contractor, and I handle that, but it’s all reflective of the umbrella in the bid that I actually put together.

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