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May I have a comprehensive breakdown of labor and material costs?

Discussion of the importance of a landscaping bid breakdown.

Part of the process in any bid, whether it's masonry, commercial, or softscape, is breaking down the actual material and labor cost. So each line item will definitely reflect, "Hey, I'm paying how much for pea gravel." Or, "I'm paying how much for each plant."

In the bid you'll see the respective material costs in a certain phase. Each project will have certain phases, maybe three, four, five phases. In that, each line will reflect the various costs. You know exactly what you're paying for. The bid will have the labor costs based off square foot, or phase foot, or actual cost associated with, let's say, five yards of mulch.

There shouldn’t be questions about what it is you're paying for. Instead of just seeing this big number - $22,000 -, "Well what did I get for that $22,000?" It's an actual line item cost analysis of what it is you're paying for. An informed customer is actually the best customer to have, and that's kind of the way that I like to operate the business, because it's ethical, and it's what I would expect.

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