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Should I Trust The Bid I Have Been Given?


Why our landscaping project bids are reliable and accurate.

Absolutely. Bids are pretty concrete and as I like to do bids or the company is set up to do bids; basically all of the labor stays static. It’s not dynamic; it never fluctuates so as long as I detail that in the bid itself those numbers are static. Now, if we added something per the client’s request, “Hey, I want to add an extra 10 sq. ft. over here on the flagstone patio” then of course I’ll do a change and that will reflect that change based off client’s needs and wishes.

Materials are pretty much dead on most of the time. If more materials are needed then we go ahead and I tell the client and communicate with them. Say, “Hey, we’re over budget on materials by a yard or a ton. It’s going to have an extra $30 on the bid. Are you OK with that?” If they’re not, then I go ahead and eat it but pretty much everything is static in the bid. Those numbers reflect the actual work being done.

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