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How Do You Communicate With Clients?

Landscaper client communication insights and the process for landscape change orders.

Its a simple human relationship game, if there’s a question that I have, I pick up a phone, or I knock on the door and I say there’s been some issues regarding what we’re trying to accomplish here. Because as you start to dig and or break down something you find various treasures, and you need to accomplish the game plan you originally set out to achieve.

There’s always changes in that picture, so to accomplish a task all you have to do is to communicate. We’ve got such and such a problem here so we need to raise the wall a little bit based off the grade issue here or we’ve got a drainage issue here. So I simply go to the client tell them the issues. What is this going to cost would be their next question, so I give them a cost and then we have that change order and everyone’s copasetic.

Along the way everyday you basically communicate those change orders to the client if they exist. Sometimes there’s not. We just try to communicate with the client in a honest effective manner, make sure everything’s up front and clear and transparent.


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