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How Do You Handle Irrigation Set Up?

Explanation of how we work with clients to set up their automated irrigation systems.

Often times clients are a little baffled by the technology, but it’s very simple. If we get a clock we teach you how to program it. We use an instruction manual in there, and walk you through it and make sure that each client knows how that clock system works. How their system works, and if you don’t you can ask me two or three times; I’m going to make sure you grasp this knowledge because this is key.

If you don’t and it overwhelms you, we’re here to assist you. We come in and we do installation services, we check all your heads and make sure they are blowing out correctly and have proper coverage areas. We blowout your system in the fall so that freeze-thaw factors don’t get into the mainline, blow up your vacuum breaker, and manifold because that gets expensive. So we’re here to assist every need you have for irrigation.

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Doing Irrigation Set Up the Right Way