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Design Services

Great Denver Landscape Design Starts With The Right Company And The Right Approach 

Choosing The Right Firm

Denver Landscape DesignWorking with a firm that can take your project from concept all the way to completion (known as "design build") is by far the easiest and most efficient way to approach any landscape project.  It enables you to see and understand all of your costs earlier in the process and significantly compresses the project time span .         

We start with a free consultation with our project manager to understand your project and if the size and the scope of the project warrants it, we will match you with a designer or landscape architect who is experienced in the kind of project design you are seeking.  Our project manager will brief the designer or architect on the initial meeting, the anticipated scope of work and any issues identified in the initial consultation.   Once that is complete we begin the design process.

The Process

Site Analysis:

processThe design process begins with a design consultation.  The property is walked viewing the areas to be designed discussing factors such as desired function of the site, hardscape requirements, existing plantings, lighting, watering, slope and location of utilities.  Clients can view samples of work so that the designer can get an idea for the style of landscape desired whether it is formal, informal, Colorado style, contemporary or even a combination of styles for different areas.  After careful examination of your requirements for the location, digital photographs and careful measurements are taken of the site. The designer then takes all the information and creates a conceptual plan.

Conceptual Plan:

The designer will meet with you to review the conceptual plan. This plan will provide an overview of the project and will include a layout of functional areas, planting areas and hardscape. At this time you can modify and fine tune any ideas you may have with your designer.   

Master Plan:

Upon approval of the conceptual plan, the designer will then prepare a scaled to size master plan (or blueprint) which will show the layout of plantings and hardscape as well as a listing of plant material, sizes and quantities and specifications.  If required, computer rendered imaging of your design may be supplied so that you can see what your installed landscape will look like beforehand.

Meeting of the minds:

At this point we do a pre construction walk through with you, the project manager, and the designer to solidify and confirm all the aspects of the design.  This is one of the real benefits of working with a design build firm.  Having both the designer and the builder together with you often shakes out many of the small details before construction begins and ensures that everyone is aligned on the same vision for the project.  Upon completion of this meeting a final construction bid is completed and upon approval we begin the implementation phase of the project.


Now its time to proceed with installing your project.  We will set up a work schedule and a time line and move your project to completion.  After that all you have to do is enjoy your new landscape!

Medium And Small Landscaping Projects

In many cases we can save clients the cost of a designer by working directly with our landscape project manager.  Our experienced managers have built and installed all kinds landscaping.  We often walk clients through a conceptual plan and then ask for your trust in our expertise.  If you are the kind of a person who can visualize your project with out a written plan we have been very successful with this approach.  If not that's okay too. We are always happy to work from a well laid and thoroughly contemplated plan.    

Getting Started With Your Project

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