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Stone Vs. Concrete

Many people interested in adding a stone or masonry feature to their outdoor living space do not completely realize the choices or diversity of materials they can choose from.   Materials vary in size, color and feel as well as cost, quality, and reliability so be sure to visit a local landscaping materials supplier to see exactly what the materials look like before you make your final decision.

An important thing to know is that labor costs aren’t all that different between materials, whether it be brick, flagstone, or concrete, so be sure to ask your masonry contractor to break out the material and labor costs so that you are better able to decide which material is best for you.

Many people think that concrete or stamped concrete is the only viable option, because that is what many of the homes around us have. Since we live in the Colorado Front Range and the Flatirons are in our back yard, why not use indigenous stone? Lyons red flagstone is world famous and is easily one of the most reliable and cost effective of materials to consider for a patio or walkway.

I recommend this material over all others because of cost, artistic integrity and overall reliability.  Our soil here in Colorado moves around quite a bit. Read more »

As a Denver landscape contractor and landscape designer with over 12 years experience in a landscaping services company I’ve come to understand that designing a perennial garden is not a hard and fast science, and each garden needs slightly different attention.

Landscape design: Perennial gardens

This is especially true in Colorado where the weather conditions can be highly variable, and so extra planning and care is needed.

When designing a perennial garden one should look to the services of a landscaping services company, at least for ideas. As these are professionals and they will be able to give you great advice and update you on trends. Gardening is not a static activity, and practices change as the ecosystem does.  If you were to speak to experienced gardeners it is likely that they will tell you the environment has changed significantly over time. As environments change the practices and plants that gardeners use change too. It is simple adaptation.

For the most impressive results and satisfaction in your garden one should approach the task like a professional landscape designer and adapt what they plant to the season. Each season has its own beautiful and unique flowers; therefore a serious gardener should take advantage of this. Obviously with Colorado Front Range weather there is no winter flowering, and so perennial gardens should be designed around spring, summer and fall plants. Read more »

Denver Landscaper Advice On Early Season Gardening

Submitted by admin on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 14:19

Denver Landscaper Advice On Early Season GardeningThe gardening early season is when the enthusiastic gardeners are the most eager. The long winter months have all but stopped any gardening activity. Even the hard working Denver landscapers have stopped their trade over winter. With the first signs of warmer weather landscape design and gardening re-emerge into our consciousness, and most keen green thumbed individuals are ready to go and get started.  However before one goes out and starts digging and planting there are a few preparations and considerations to be made.

In Colorado, along the Front Range, the winter has a habit of biting back with later freezes right up until the month of May. Therefore it is recommended that you do not do any planting until after May the 10th. This advice comes directly from an experienced Denver landscaper, and so it is not to be snuffed at. Waiting until after this period, you can be sure that there are not going to be any costly replants. It can be extremely frustrating having to redo your hard work and replant seeds and perennials. This costs you both time and money, something all of us have limited supplies of. Read more »

Summer 2011 Is Here! Call for your Free Estimate!

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Flower in the spring

As spring gives way to summer and the warmer months finally arrive, you're definitely going to want to make the most of your outdoor living space. Well thought out landscape designs are essential for extending the style you use within the home and also for creating an outdoor sanctuary that's perfect for relaxing as well as entertaining. If we can be of help in any way, let us know. Read more »