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Landscaping Portfolio

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Scenic Landscapes Has Been Transforming Denver Metro Landscapes Of All Kinds For Over 9 Years.

Landscaping Portfolio

This portfolio showcases some of the work and many of the key skills necessary to create exceptional landscaping.

Total Transformation

Where you see dirt, we see a beautiful blank canvas.

Before and after full service example

When you hire a full service landscape company you get the comfort of knowing you are getting an integrated and complete landscaping solution. Here we brought together a wide range of landscaping services, making sure all the parts work together seamlessly and efficiently. Don't just hire any landscsape contractor denver, be sure you are getting a firm that can bring it all together.   

Boulders and Berms

This is the heavy lifting part of landscaping. Many landscape designs require re-shaping the earth, building burms and setting large stones. If your plan calls for heavy lifting, we’re the guys who know how to do it. 

Landscaping for Waneka Lake NeighborhoodSetting big rocks takes skill and know-how.  The trick is burying enough of the rock to make it appear like a natural out-cropping.  If you don’t burry the stone enough it doesn’t look natural. This is a common mistake made by inexperienced landscape contractors. 

mature berm exampleBerms are a great feature. With just a few piles of dirt you can change your "contractor flat" yard into something much more interesting. Here in Colorado native grasses and wildflowers are a popular way to add a whole new atmosphere to any landscape.


How plants and rocks come togetherHere you can see how stones and plants will ultimately work together to transform this little used back corner of the yard into an amazing flower garden. The tall grasses in the back will grow high enought to cover the fence line. Medium height plants and flowers will create a lush mid-level along the sides. Then thick bunches of low flowers and ground cover in front of the big center rock will create a rich, vibrant scene from ground level to over 8 feet high. Year after year this landscape will be an inviting splash of color.

Xeriscaping and Wildflowers

Xeric wild flower planting bed One of our favorite installations is the wild flower bed. This low water consuming choice goes off like fireworks all summer long and is super easy to maintain.

Waneka Lake wanted landscaping  with a natural lookBlues and purples, yellows and whites, the choice is yours. Colorado has a great climate for a vast variety of flowers and plants. Let our landscape experience guide you to the garden of your dreams.

Grasses, Shrubs and Hedges

Tall Grass Hedge

Case Study:

This is the perfect example of how small and medium size plants can quickly mature into substantial landscape elements in just a couple of growing seasons. 

Tall Grass Hedge  Fast forward about 18 months and you can see how these grasses have become like high hedges providing privacy and adding an interesting visual element to the property. Many inexperienced landscape contractors overlook the fact that these plants will get 10 times the size in a very short time and be tempted to plant too close together.  This causes problems down the road as plants get crowded and they lose their individual texture.  You will notice the nice texture and seperation of these mature plantings.    

Rabbit brush planting bed


You can see here how the rabbit brush and the high purple clump grass on the left have matured and filled in the once blank space. This planting bed has nicely transformed the bare brick wall behind it and almost become an architectural feature.  That is beautiful landscaping!

Paths and Walkways

Meandering pathway through the flower gardenPaths and walkways are an inevitable part of most landscape designs. As a full service landscape contractor we can create just about any kind of pathway you are looking for. Cinders, gravel, stepping-stones, bricks, pavers, flagstone walkways and even concrete.

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Plantings around concrete pathThis is a more formal flower garden planted around a stamped concrete pathway.

Planters and Perennials

Perrinnial planters offer amazing colorPerrinnial planter beds offer a chance to have an amazing variety of flowers on your property while knowing that you won't have to plant new beds each year.

we build planting beds Whether it's just cutting back existing grass and adding edging to make planter beds or creating a whole integrated planting bed structure. As a full service Denver landscape contractor we can do it all!

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