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Denver Landscaper Advice On Early Season Gardening

Denver Landscaper Advice On Early Season GardeningThe gardening early season is when the enthusiastic gardeners are the most eager. The long winter months have all but stopped any gardening activity. Even the hard working Denver landscapers have stopped their trade over winter. With the first signs of warmer weather landscape design and gardening re-emerge into our consciousness, and most keen green thumbed individuals are ready to go and get started.  However before one goes out and starts digging and planting there are a few preparations and considerations to be made.

In Colorado, along the Front Range, the winter has a habit of biting back with later freezes right up until the month of May. Therefore it is recommended that you do not do any planting until after May the 10th. This advice comes directly from an experienced Denver landscaper, and so it is not to be snuffed at. Waiting until after this period, you can be sure that there are not going to be any costly replants. It can be extremely frustrating having to redo your hard work and replant seeds and perennials. This costs you both time and money, something all of us have limited supplies of.

Another consideration besides the timing is the quality of your soil. If one has poor soil quality that has little nutrients then your plants and vegetables will not grow well. A good tip is to amend the soil with a solid mix of organic compost. In our trade we used leave piles, grass cuttings, coffee grounds and any other organic waste that one would accumulate over the year. Alternatively you can buy a yard of compost for $30 locally and use this to fertilize your plants and buds.

When buying and spreading bought compost a good rule of thumb is that a yard of compost covers 100 square feet at a depth of 3 inches. Working out how much you need, in advance, will save you many trips to a landscape design supplier. Again the focus is on using your time and money as wisely as possible.

The design of your garden is also very important, and should be thoroughly planned out in advance. One consideration is the spacing of what you are planting; having good spacing between crops/plants will allow for maximum airflow and sunlight absorption. It is inadvisable to have your plants competing for air and sunlight, as this means that they will not grow as strongly individually. The placement should also correlate with east/west in mind so that your plants can get the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day.

Finally the last consideration to be thought out before jumping in is your watering schedule. You can do this manually, but a much easier way is to set up a timer system. This is not hard to set up and it can be as easy as hooking up a garden hose sprinkler system to go off every second day or so.

So there you have some great early season preparation tips from one of the best Denver landscapers.